Our Purpose

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Our Investment in Red Lake at Work

We are making good on our commitment to Red Lake. Recently we are in the works to build two new grocery retail stores in Red Lake and Ponemah communities. This new investment will not only bring a larger variety and healthier food options to the community members, but this project will bring in the need for a larger workforce. These are only a few of our responsibilities at work.


401 (k)

Currently Ogaakaaning Enterprises now offers a 401 (k) to its full time enterprise employees in all of the enterprises. This goal was accomplished in 2014 as a benefit to the employees.

Policies & Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures handbook was completed in 2014. We are currently implementing this handbook into the businesses with completed business plans and developing them into the plans for our other tribal enterprises.

Business Plan Implementation

Currently Ogaakaaning Enterprises has developed and implemented business plans for 5 of our subsidiary businesses. The remaining business plans are still in the development stages as we identify the capital needs of each enterprise.

New Trading Post/Ponemah Market

Plans have been developed for the new Red Lake Trading Post and Ponemah Market. Implementation will take place when capital becomes available from the tribe to secure loans. These new store constructions will allow for more product space to provide for customer needs and create jobs for the community.

8 (a) Initiatives

We are in the process of setting up a Section 8 (a) company to market services for government contracts which should be in line with our mission statement, vision, business development and execution. Our goal would be to get more involved in government contracting and begin to utilize the Buy Indian Act to show preference on our businesses. Currently we are looking into 8 (a) certification for RLI construction.


In order to properly fund the start-up of the Subway® franchise, the financing package consists of equity and traditional borrowing. Ogaakaaning Enterprises will secure an equity contribution totaling $173,697 or 20% of the project’s total capital costs. The remaining balance of $694,788 or 80% will be financed by a commercial lender. This will create 8 new jobs in the community when it is operational inside the new Red Lake Trading Post.