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Our Principles


Certain principles are so fundamental to our success that we would like to describe them in some detail. If we can adhere to these principles — and they are not in order of importance — we will reach our goal of becoming the best financial services company in the world. We also hope they will give you a roadmap on how and why we make our decisions.

We communicate honestly, clearly and consistently

Sharing information is vital to our success. We look at issues head on to discuss solutions and alternative approaches. We as business leaders will communicate and use our combined knowledge to make the best decisions for each business. It is also important for us to get out of the office and into the businesses regularly to remain focused on what's happening in each field.

We strive to be good leaders

In leadership positions we must set the highest standards of integrity. These standards demand that we treat our employees and customers with respect and humility. Good individuals want to work with good leaders and they are critical to our ongoing growth to be successful. We set these high standards because when we do anything, we want to do it with the best of our abilities.

We build teamwork, loyalty and morale

We are continually hiring and training new managers and strong leaders. We know that building teamwork within the business will allow better performance in the company. We keep in mind loyalty and mutual respect is a two-way street. Meritocracy and teamwork are critical, but they also frequently are misunderstood. Meritocracy means putting the best person in the job, which promotes a sense of justice in the organization. High morale is developed through fixing problems, dealing directly and honestly with issues, earning respect and winning.

We will not compromise our integrity

There is no piece of business, no deal, no revenue stream that is more important than our obligation to act with responsibility, with ethics and within the law. Maintaining the highest standards of integrity involves being honest and doing the right thing for our employees, our business managers, and our community.

We face facts

We must build a culture based on truth, knowledge, constructive debate, a passion to succeed, and the courage to face and fix mistakes. We must be brutally honest with ourselves. From experience, we know people will tell you the truth about what needs to be done — if you ask them. We want to be a company that promotes this kind of constructive exchange. All reporting must be accurate, and all relevant facts must be reported and fully disclosed.

We have fortitude

Fortitude often is missing in leaders: They need to have a fierce resolve to act. It means driving change, fighting bureaucracy and politics, and taking ownership and responsibility.