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Red Lake Farms

The Red Lake Nation Farms is in the business of producing cultivated wild rice that is sold and exported to areas as far away as Israel.

The Farms are adjacent to and located at the southwest boarders of the Red Lake Nation. The Red Lake Nation Farms were initially purchased for training activities involving youth and unemployed adults. The Farms grow cultivated wild rice on smaller portions of the farms and leases out the remaining land. The wild rice crop is harvested in the fall and sent off for finishing at a regional processing facility. Once finished the rice is sold by Red Lake Nation Foods.

Contact Information

Email: hroy@redlakeinc.com

Phone: 218-679-2325


  • Wild Rice Cultivation
  • Training Activities
  • Land Leasing

Mission Statement

At Red Lake Nation Farms, we strive to provide our customers with a unique specialty product that is used as a gourmet food staple in restaurants and kitchens around the world.

Harvey Roy III

Interim General Manager