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Red Lake Builders

Red Lake Builders is based in Red Lake, Minnesota. It operates as a commercial construction that has been in existence since 1976.

As a company owned and operated by the Red Lake Nation, we completed numerous construction projects throughout the United States as well for the Red Lake Nation. We will continue to take advantage of our sterling reputation as a commercial, highway/heavy and residential construction company to treat every project as an opportunity to expand its base of satisfied customers, and an opportunity to secure additional work based on customer satisfaction.

Contact Information

Email: rlbldrs@paulbunyan.net

Phone: 218-679-3891

Fax: 218-679-2317

Website: redlakebuilders.com


  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction

Mission Statement

Our main focus is providing the best value for each assignments budget. We believe the most successful construction projects are those that start with collaborative planning and communication well before the ground is broken.

Gordy Jallen

General Manager