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New Equipment for Red Lake Nation Fishery

Bianca Mendoza - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Savings with the power of a freezer!

Redby, MN, March 11, 2016. Red Lake Nation Fishery has purchased a new spiral freezer on Tuesday March 2nd. This is one of many new changes to improve the quality of fillet products along with increased efficiency for the plant workers. The spiral freezer is being added to the production line in an effort to quick freeze fish fillets to reduce dehydration loss and cut costs on repairs for the main freezers.

Fillets will enter the spiral freezer and one hour later it will come out frozen solid before being placed into the main freezers. In the past fresh fillets have gone into the main freezer and frozen overnight losing about 5% of weight to dehydration. This has also caused frost to build up on the refrigeration unit increasing our maintenance costs. Although the savings are difficult to project, they are expected to be significant.

The team at Red Lake Nation Fishery is moving toward their goal to save costs inside the plant, bringing a better product to the public, and steadily improving the price per pound back to the anglers.

Russell Brenny, General Manager
Red Lake Nation Fishery