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Welcome to Ogaakaaning Enterprises

We are dedicated to creating and stimulating the Red Lake Nation economy with enterprise profitability, business creation, business loyalty and job creation in accordance with the economic development and self-determination policies and plans of the Red Lake Nation.

I grew up on this... almost everyone I know already knows the walleye from Red Lake is the very best!

Zanita R., Customer (Red Lake Fishery)

Thank you, thank you! My shipment arrived faster than I imagined, well in time for Christmas and flawlessly packed. You rock!

Marsha J., Customer (Red Lake Nation Foods)

There is always room for improvement but still doing a good job Red Lake Nation Fuels!

Emilio M., Customer (Red Lake Nation Fuels)

A Look Into Our Business

New Red Lake Retail Center

Ogaakaaning Enterprises - Thursday, May 17, 2018
Harvey Roy III, CEO of Ogaakaaning Enterprises and Red Lake Retail Center, Inc. is excited to announce that construction will soon start for the new Red Lake Retail Center. The new Retail Center will be 26,803 square-feet and will include a fuel station, a restaurant, and new Laundromat. The interior will include a larger deli, a larger produce section, new butcher shop, and space to include hundreds of new retail items that couldn’t be sold in the store we currently occupy beca  Read More...